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You are planning to establish an e-commerce company and think about how to realise your idea? GECCO will develop a concept for you and will support you in realising your ideas to the finished project.

Our Services

Consulting service, strategy & realisation

GECCO will develop a concept for you and will support you in realising your ideas to the finished project.


Negotiations with suppliers

Negotiations with suppliers and manufacturers are crucial for your efficiency and determine the final price. A lot of experience and competence are required for negotiating professionally and to achieve the best conditions.

Product listings and content

We showcase your products in the best light in order to make them attractive for your customers. In addition, we handle the whole the content building and deliver the complete  textual content.



You will not see your success from the payoff at the and of the month only but also when analysing the traffic and the advertising effect.

Leave the analytical tasks to GECCO and be sure that we will recognise all signals and that we will adjust the activeness professionally.

Product scouting and trend finding

You always to be ahead of your competitors in order to be successful in the market. Finding trends and seeking new trends and their realisation is one of GECCO's portfolio and offers you interesting opportunities and possibilities in the market.

Online shop design and web page design

Your virtual presence is the showcase to address customers. The layout is of biggest importance because it has to prove its efficiency regarding the design, the functionality and the user-friendliness.

Market place assistance - e. g. Amazon, eBay, ...

You wish to benefit from different sales channels beside your online shop? We help you to showcase your products in the different market places the best way and even to sell them internationally.


Consulting service for logistics and distribution

Discover our product range that goes from the production of your proper packaging materials to stockkeeping, optimizing of the packing stations to recommending the courier company which suits you best.


Product development & import

A lot of know-how and expertise is necessary for the development of new products. Trust in a specialist and take the chance of working more successfully and effectivels with the support GECCO is offering you.


Generating charts, videos and product images

Pictures express more than 1,000 words can say. GECCO illustrates your e-commerce shop and ensures a reputable and professional layout.


Online marketing

Obtain a positive reputation and more visibility by leaving the whole range of online marketing to a professional. GECCO develops a concept that fits to your business perfectly so you can showcase yourself and your company in order to gain new customers.


Optimal shop software

We find the shop software that suits you best and the optimal hopting partner and support you in establishing your shop or your website.

GECCO clears your way to success!

GECCO stands for innovation, seriosity and expertise thanks to the experience gained in many years and continuing professional training in the fields of e-commerce consulting and online marketing.


GECCO supports small and medium-sized companies when entering the e-commerce and offers optimal solutions for your performance in the online world.